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Your headshot session should be fun, but also professional. They should be as unique as you. I get it - you need to book jobs. That's why we need excellent headshots. You need to show casting professionals who you are and the roles you can play. A casting director will spend a few seconds on your headshot. Yours needs to stand out. Your headshots need to scream, "I was born for this role!"

First, let's discuss why you need headshots. Then, let's talk about what characters you play? Does your agent need certain looks? Certain tropes or archetypes? Can you play the hipster? The gamer? The office worker? Or, for kids, are you the girl next door? The jock? The prankster?

These will dictate outfit and background choices. Maybe you need some headshots outside and some in the studio.

Do you need hair and makeup assistance? I always suggest it, but if you've worked in the business for a while, you know how to prepare.

Let's discuss what YOU need for your session.


Ok. Real talk. I love working with kids and young adults. I was a teacher and a sub. I just get kids and teens. I can be goofy and silly and funny and still professional. I really believe that everyone is a shining light and has something to show and say in this world.

YOU MATTER! You deserve this. You've worked hard to get here, now let's show you off.

And when you're choosing a headshot photographer, make sure it's someone who understands young adult / youth acting headshots. These photos are so different from portraits. We're not just capturing you, we're capturing your potential. You need to show not only who you are, but who you can play as well.


I have my Child Performer Services Permit from the state of California. Now, that's something necessary in the acting world, but what that says to your parents is...I've been fingerprinted and background-checked by the State and the DOJ. I'm safe to work with kids and to take pictures of kids and to store your pictures safely.

I'm a safe choice for child and young adult photography. This is VERY important to me.

Permit number: CPS-LR-1001049129


I'm a good photographer. I'm a true color photographer. I'm a black and white photographer. I work very hard to keep my skills up to date and to learn new trends in photography. Bonus: I'll get your photos back to you fast.

**I work with adult actors as well. Feel free to send me a message:

Pricing & Packages

Ages 3-12


Commercial / Theatrical Headshots
Gallery of Unedited Shots
8 Professionally Edited-Retouched Digital Images
Temecula, Murrieta, Inland Empire

Ages 13 +


Commercial / Theatrical Headshots
Gallery of Unedited Shots
8 Professionally Edited-Retouched Digital Images
Temecula, Murrieta, Inland Empire

Portfolio Session


3/4 Photos
Full Length Photos
Slate Video
Fully Edited Gallery
Temecula, Murrieta, Inland Empire

All Sessions Include:

  • An online gallery with the best high-resolution proofs from your session. Private and password protected. Able to download and share. This gallery is sent to you and to your agent if you wish.
  • Sessions are done in the M.G. Mitchell studio in Murrieta, Light Hero Studios in Murrieta, or outdoors in Temecula, Murrieta, Inland Empire.
  • Sessions done in San Diego and Los Angeles will apply a travel fee.
  • Style assistance from M. G. Mitchell including emailed mood board, style suggestions, color suggestions and makeup guidance.

Hair/Makeup Add On

$150 youth / $200 full makeup adults

This is always recommended. Youth makeup is light and natural. Covers blemishes, evens out skin, reduces shine, mutes dark spots under eye. Hair is styled lightly and managed throughout session.

Adult makeup is more involved and offers more looks. Simple and clean to dramatic and glam.

Styling Add ON

$60 +

Assistance available for picking the right outfits to shopping for you. We can simply take a look at your wardrobe choices and help you make the best choices or we can shop for outfits for you within a budget.

Package Add ons

Add a video session $200

Add travel to San Diego/LA $200

Different Looks

I have a home studio with backdrops and lights. I also do outdoor headshots. I work in Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, and San Diego County. I've traveled to Los Angeles before and will be scheduling studio days there in 2024.

Class President

Girl Next Door

skater girl

The best friend

The schoolgirl

Tough Girl

The best friend

The comedian

Tough Girl

The best friend

The funny kid

Tough Girl

The best friend

The funny kid

Tough Girl

The Best Friend

the library girl

The Popular girl

Theater Actress


Theatre B/W for cast list. Name can be added

The Best Friend

Skater Girl

Disney Girl



  • Print, Theatrical and Commercial Looks
  • Wardrobe and Style Consultation from the items You Bring (Or Email Photos in Advance For Assistance) or We do the shopping for you.
  • Gallery of Unedited Proofs

CPS Permit: CPS-LP-1001049129

Preparing for your headshots:

  1. Take some time to figure out your type. First, embrace what makes you YOU! Do you have brilliant eyes? A long nose? Freckles? Scars? Red hair? Find your type and own it. This will help you discover your personal brand. Think about the roles you audition for and the roles you want to have. Are you the best friend? The villain? The good cop or the bad cop? Are you the class president? Or the introverted computer geek? The jock or the skater? The very first stage of the casting process is when the CD looks at your headshot. You have a few seconds to get their attention. Your headshot needs to scream, “I’m what you’re looking for!” 
  2. Take some time to practice your looks, your angles, your expressions and your smiles. Yes, plural. There is the good girl smile, the bad girl smile, the sarcastic smirk, and the ‘we can still be friends’ smile. Those are just some examples. Use a mirror and spend some time with yourself. Use your imagination - think of some of your favorite characters and recreate their expressions. Even if they aren’t the type of character you’ll ever play, it helps to figure out YOUR look. Then consider your personal brand and work in that direction. Faking it last minute is not going to work. CDs can sniff out fakes in seconds. They want to see believable characters in a photograph.
  3. If you're a parent taking your child for headshots, pretend play and dress up can really help your child pull out different characters and looks. Make playtime purposeful and keep a journal. Remember cues that help your child best. Maybe snorting like pig makes your child's smile real...talking in a sad voice helps make them look serious. Use playtime to create headshot magic in the future.
  4. Think about your style choices. Do they fit your brand? Your character you are portraying? Have options. A great photographer will help you decide through your choices. Make sure you have different colors and necklines and materials. Avoid patterns and logos and even colors that could be distracting (unless your brand is that 90’s high school kid). Sometimes we use patterns and stripes on purpose, layered with solids.
  5. Think about your hair and makeup and plan accordingly. The day before yourheadshots is not the time to try a new cut or hair color. Skin care, hair care, shaving routine, and even lip care all comes into play days before your session. Dry cracked lips show up in photos. HYDRATE for days before your photos to make your skin and lips and eyes beautiful. Let new hair styles settle for a couple days before your headshots. And try different hairstyles - see what helps build your brand. Slicked back hair, ponytails, braids, or long soft curls. It all depends on your brand and character. But I will remind you: MOISTURIZE regularly to keep your skin and lips photo ready.
  6. Try to arrive to your appointment early … 10-20 mins before your session starts. This helps you relax and settle your face/body. It also helps you mentally prepare to be in character when the photographer starts to shoot. Have a few different characters in your mind to either practice or have your child practice - it helps loosen up the mood, the muscles, and the facial expressions. Bring water to sip on as well.
  7. Get your game face and your great attitude and let’s do this! Be positive! Don’t be shy, but if you are, just ask for help or direction. Great photographers will guide you and pump you up! Great headshots are a collaboration of talent. Stay true to yourself and the results will shine through. You’ll get noticed by CDs in no time!