Get to know meLissa!

Introducing Melissa

Lover of Animals - Lover of Family - Lover of Chocolate - Can't Drink Coffee

I'm from San Francisco. You'd think I love cozy, rainy nights. I don't. I have farm animals and horses. I love Converse high tops and weird movies about Bigfoot. I have had heart surgery and so have my kids (Chance, 20, and Cadence, 18). I've been married for almost 30 years to Jon, who teaches at Chaparral High School. I used to teach, sub, and tutor middle and high school. I love this age. I especially love teens and young adults and all their unique thoughts and interests. I volunteer during my not-so-spare time for several organizations, including the American Heart Association, the SD Blood Bank, Rady Children's Hospital San Diego, and just about every and any animal organization. It's very important to me to give back, which is why I've created the MGM Ambassador Team program for High School Seniors and Tux's Rainbow (photo sessions for aged/ill/end of life pets and horses).

But that's not all. I love marketing. I have an MBA, with a specialty in Marketing. I've worked with several entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their marketing goals. Now I'm learning digital marketing, SEO, content marketing and more to help my photography clients get the most out of their business photos. I love brand strategy and social media marketing and enjoy showing who you are and what you do through photographs. A good brand resonates with customers. Professional branding photography helps humanize your business, making your company more appealing in the client's mind.

Photography Philosophy (say that three times fast):

No matter what kind of photos you're looking for, ask yourself what kind of person you want to work with.

A photographer who's not only talented and professional,

but who is also honest, kind, compassionate, and understanding?

Someone who makes you feel comfortable?

Someone who's flexible and patient?

Someone who understands teens and young adults because she's a parent and has been a teacher, sub, and tutor?

Someone who knows animals especially horses, because she has pets and horses?

Someone who understands business and marketing because she has an MBA in Marketing?

Someone who understands terms like content, digital marketing, and SEO?

That's me. Your photographer.

Let's collaborate.