March 14, 2023

Class of 2024 MGM Brand Ambassadors



Class of 2024!

This year, I'm gathering a group of like-minded high school seniors who have a passion for helping others in their community. We'll have fun. We'll volunteer. We'll take pictures. I'm in the planning stages now, but it's my goal to create a volunteer ambassador (influencer) program where teens can join together to serve their community and promote my photography. MGM Brand Ambassadors will receive quarterly photoshoots with a digital album in exchange for a certain number of volunteer hours. They will set a course to become influencers, sharing their photography session experiences with others. If you or your child is part of the the Class of 2024, please contact me to become part of this socially-aware group.

**I'm also recruiting an MGM Dance Ambassador team for 2023/2024 dance year. Feel free to contact me. This is for all ages.